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Rapper Nelly fighting back, files countersuit against Women who accused him of Sexual Assault

Celebrity rap-superstar Nelly is fighting back after allegedly sexually assaulting a Seattle woman on his tour bus back in October of 2017 and sexually assaulting two women in England, beginning in 2016. Nelly recently filed a countersuit, denying all allegations of sexual assault and rape, and requested that the amended complaint filed against him be dismissed by the judge.

According to the filed complaint, the woman, in this case, is alleging that Nelly raped her on his tour bus in Seattle outside of a Walmart, where he was stopped last year amid his world tour. The amended complaint also includes claims from two other women, that Nelly sexually assaulted them after performances in England in June of 2016 and in December of 2017.

In Seattle, the women allegedly called 911 in the parking lot of the Walmart following the assault; she told police that she went to Nelly’s bedroom with him on the tour bus, where he masturbated in front of her and forced himself on her while she was under the influence of alcohol.

After initially being arrested for sexual assault in Seattle, Nelly claimed that the allegations against him were completely fabricated and the criminal case against him was eventually dropped, as the alleged victim, Monique Green, failed to cooperate with the prosecutors on the case.

Green has now filed a lawsuit against the rapper for sexual assault and defamation, arguing that she could not “stand up against a celebrity and that the criminal system would fail her” in regards to the criminal case in which she chose not to cooperate with. Green also mentioned that after her initial call to police that she was attacked on various social media platforms by fans of the rap star.

Nelly’s lawyer in the matter, Scott Rosenblum, has said Ms. Greene’s claim was “deceitful” and simply “motivated by money”.

The other two women mentioned in the complaint, currently being referred to as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, are alleging that they were assaulted by the rap star in England while he was touring; one incident happened in London, and the other in Essex. Attorney Rosenblaum, on behalf of Nelly, claimed the new outpouring of stories from the England women are fabricated and an attempt to give credibility to his accuser’s far-fetched story.

Jane Doe 1 alleges that he held her against her will in a room, and slid his hand underneath her dress. The other woman, Jane Doe 2, is claiming that Nelly trapped her in a bathroom, masturbated in front of her, and forced her to perform oral sex on him before she was able to get away.  Money is often a motivation for fabricating allegations especially against a celebrity.  When there is an issue of a lying witness, cross examination is critical to discrediting the witness.  Additionally, an investigator can be used to uncover some of the bias, motivation and lack of factual accuracy in a Sex crime allegation.

You can read more about the case and the alleged incidents on Wild About Trials website here.

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