How does Attorney DelSignore prepare for a DUI Trial?

What are the steps to prepare an OUI case for trial? In this Blog, I would like to explain to you the process I go through to prepare for trial.

The process of preparing for trial starts when I get the case, but when the trial approaches I take the following steps forUnknown-2-300x168 the final 2 days. Two days before the trial, I have all of the evidence, motions and exhibits ready to go, the cross examination written out and like to spend the time practicing out loud. I have attended many training seminars for lawyers and frequently go to the Gerry Spence trial college; you cannot replicate the benefit you get from practiving your closing on your feet out loud. It is when you are rehearinsing out loud, you think of new ideas, better ways to make your argument so it is crucial for delivering a great closing statement.

Study other Great Lawyers to Stimulate New IdeasĀ 

I also like to watch great closing arguments to help my preparation my two favorite include Johnnie Cohran’s Closing in the OJ Simpson trial and Mark O’Mara’s Closing in the George Zimmerman Trial. This month I will post a separate Blog on each of these closing arguments pointing out what I have found useful in watching them over the years.

My top tip for an OUI Lawyer just starting out with first trial is to practice out loud, you may hate to do it at first but when you hear the not guilty verdict you will know you really achieved it telling your closing to the walls in your office.

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