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Cloud legal services for lawyers provided by Clio

In running a law practice, one challenge is to understand how technology can make your practice run more efficiently so your clients have the best experience possible.  Two technologies that have assisted me in this process are the iCloud and my client management system called Clio.

With todays updated technology,  attorneys have access to a variety of case management systems as well as to tools and tricks to help keep all their information in one spot. iCloud, a technology presented by Apple, connects an individuals many devices. iCloud ensures you have all your documents, pictures, contacts, and more all in one place, regardless of where you are. iCloud is easy to set up, whether it be on your desktop apple computer, notebook, iPad or iPhone, and only requires users to have an apple ID to merge the information.



Clio: A Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Software

Similar to the Apple iCloud, Clio is a management software I personally utilize in my practice. The features Clio offers are similar to the iCloud in the sense that you can keep your information in one spot while simultaneously being able to access it from anywhere. Essentially- it is a way to organize your entire firm. Documents, appointments, billing and payments, for example, are just a few of the features Clio has in order to create a more efficient process for the attorney and client alike. The best part about Clio, similar to Apple’s iCloud, is that you have access to the full Clio site from anywhere, at anytime.

  1. The IT is a piece of cake. There are no downloads or specific hardware that must be purchased.
  2. Clio support. Whether it be a phone call or an email, Clio is always ready to answer any questions you may have pertaining to their site.
  3. A secure database. You can share documents and bills, securely, with your clients.

The convenience of Clio is that all your client files are on your computer, phone or IPAD, additionally, it is a calendar feature and a task feature that allows your to keep on your office goals and appointments in one place.  I also am a big fan of Apple Computers.




iCloud drive is excellent to allow you to store common documents so you can access them from any computer.  Any location that you have access to an internet connection, when using the cloud, also means you have access to all your information.  I use MAC computers throughout my practice; for a great resource for lawyers using MAC you can find some good ideas at Attorney Ben Stevens, Blog dedicated to providing tips to get more from your Apple Computer.


Keeping clients informed on their case = keeping clients happy. 



Not convinced to use iCloud? Keep reading.

  1. Mail, contacts, notes and reminders: Access all this information anywhere, anytime.
  2. Photos: Need images for an upcoming trial date? Print them quickly off of any device linked to the cloud.
  3. iCloud Drive: Safely store and maintain all your files in one spot

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