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BU Hockey Star Charged With Sexual Assault in Boston

A former Boston University hockey star and New York Islanders draft pick was recently charged with a sex crime in Boston.

This comes just weeks after our Boston criminal defense lawyer reported about New England Patriots wide receiver and special teams member Julian Edelman being charged with a sex crime in Boston as well.

Facing sex charges in Massachusetts can be a life-altering experience. It can lead, in the short term, to job loss, loss of reputation, time in jail, the cost of posting bail, family problems and other sanctions. In the long term, it can open up a person to prison time, probation, registration as a sex offender and other serious consequences and criminal penalties.

Corey Trivino, a 21-year-old native Canadian, was recently kicked off the Islanders after news surfaced of his arrest. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime and to a charge of assault with attempt to rape in Brighton District Court.

The hockey forward is charged with following a young woman to her room and forcing his way into the room, Fox News reports. According to police reports, when the girl told him to leave, he began kissing and groping her. He allegedly left and came back two more times. The last time, he demanded to spend the night and she called for help, forcing him to leave.

Boston University police later arrested him in the dorm’s elevator and he said he lived with the girl. Police say he appeared intoxicated.

He was permanently removed from the hockey team’s roster and was ordered to stay away from campus housing. The news article reports he surrendered his Canadian passport and is scheduled to appear back in court in January.

As with the Edelman case, this situation may come down to whether the “victim” is, in fact, a “victim.” With athletes and celebrities, admirers may often involve themselves and then make unfair allegations.

In Trivino’s case, he came to the woman’s dorm room several times and she never felt threatened. Only after a third time of him coming over to her room did she call police. If there are no witnesses or roommates who heard shouting or some type of argument, it was probably safe to say she didn’t really mind his company.

Not until the third time did she call for help and police made a determination that the alleged crimes had occurred. Obviously, hockey at BU is the biggest sport on campus, and their players are widely known. This can make for great fanfare for the student-athletes, but it can also lead to victimization because of their celebrity.

For the everyday person, a sex crime can be as devastating or worse. A job loss today is a major financial hit and without the means to get re-hired, it can be devastating. Not only that, but facing prison time and registry as a sex offender for a term of years can make anyone realize that fighting a sex crime is critical.

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