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Brockton Couple Accused of Making Drug Distribution out of Minivan

A Brockton couple was recently arrested in Whitman and now face charges of drug distribution from the back of their minivan, according to the Taunton Daily Gazette.

Charges of drug distribution or drug sales in Stoughton can be serious and can increase in severity based on many factors. Among them are the quantity of drugs allegedly sold, what type of drug, where the drugs are being sold and if there are other factors that may be used by police to enhance the penalties, such as if children are present, guns are used or the deal occurs in close proximity to a school.

Stoughton criminal lawyers understand that the government has been fighting the “War on Drugs” for decades and lawmakers are continuously updating and increasing drug crime penalties. A good portion of the number of people in our state prison system are there because of drug offenses. In some cases, treatment in lieu or jail is an option. In other cases, challenging evidence and preparing a case for trial offer the best options for a successful outcome.

There are defenses to these crimes, just like any other crime. In cases where an informant is used by law enforcement, there may be witness credibility issues that arise. If police don’t properly obtain a warrant to search a home or vehicle, evidence may be subjected to a suppression motion. Rules must be followed and if overzealous police officers break them, that could benefit the defendant.

In this case, the newspaper reports, police received a tip that a man was selling oxycodone out of his vehicle after he was convicted last year of a similar offense. Police obtained a search warrant for the Dodge Caravan and stopped him after he pulled into a restaurant’s parking lot.

Police allege that the driver, 43-year-old Kevin J. Connor, tried to run off, throwing a bag of oxycodone pills worth $400 onto the ground as he ran. Detectives found more pills, cash and two cell phones in the vehicle.

Last year, he received a suspended jail sentence for dealing oxycodone. Tina Foye, 42, a passenger in the minivan and who lives with Connor, was also arrested. The WEB Major Crimes and Drug Task Force — with officers from Whitman, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater and Bridgewater — made the arrests.

The group has sought out oxycodone arrests, making it a focus of investigations the last 18 months, an officer said. Oxycodone is similar to morphine in its effect.

Connor recently pleaded guilty to a charge of possession with intent to distribute oxycodone after police raided his apartment and found 30 pills, plus marijuana and cash. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, but the sentence was suspended by a judge in Brockton District Court.

The news article doesn’t make clear what charges the couple may face, though it implies Connor will face new charges of distribution of oxycodone. Charges for Foye, who was listed as a passenger in the minivan, are unclear.

For the passenger, who may have nothing to do with the drug sales, there may be a strong defense. For the driver, things may be different. But in a case such as this, the search warrant may be the most important factor. Finding out what officers based the affidavit for the search warrant on and how solid the information was will be key to fighting the initial stop and search.

Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer Michael DelSignore represents clients facing serious misdemeanor and felony charges throughout the state.

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