What to look for in Hiring a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer?

Tips on Hiring a Massachusetts DUI Lawyer

With so many lawyers out there claiming to be specialized in drunk driving defense, it is difficult to determine your best option.

Should I hire a lawyer?

If you do not hire a lawyer experienced in OUI defense, you will not be able to make an informed decision on whether to admit to the OUI case or contest it at trial. Here are problems that could occur by not hiring a lawyer or hiring an inexperienced lawyer:

  1. May admit to a case that can be won at trial;
  2. May not understand the license implications at the RMV; I have received calls from individuals who admit to an OUI offense believing they were going to be suspended for 45 days, only to learn the Massachusetts RMV is imposing a longer suspension.
  3. May give up your right to a trial without having an accurate understanding of the court process.

Should I handle a lawyer who handles mainly OUI case or a general practicing lawyer?

Attorney DelSignore charges an extremely reasonable flat fee for representation. The rate is based on the level of offense and complexity of the case.

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What should I look for in an OUI lawyer?

Trial experience: In most cases, Massachusetts drunk driving cases must go to trial to avoid a DUI conviction.

TIP: Most lawyers will claim to have many trial experiences- make sure you ask about recent cases that have similar circumstances to yours.

Understanding of the Science of defending a DUI case: Massachusetts DUI law is one of the more complex areas of criminal defense because chemical test and blood test evidence can be very technical and dependent on scientific knowledge.

Attorney DelSignore will explain to you the science behind breathalyzer testing at your initial office visit and can explain new trends and methods of defending DUI cases.

How much time will the lawyer spend on my case?

When you hire Attorney DelSignore, you will understand the process and the steps to prepare the case for trial. The following is a brief summary of the typical steps in an OUI case.

  1. Client will complete the intake form.
  2. The client will have attended the first court date and have a second date for pretrial hearing;
  3. Between the pretrial and any motion date, I review the scene with the client if the arrest happened in area where it can be done safely.
  4. The client will gather any records that are needed to defend the case.
  5. Between the pretrial and motion date, I prepare and file any necessary motions and prepare the case for trial.

TIP : One of the more common compliments former clients make is how easy it is to contact Attorney DelSignore

How Do I Research The Lawyer’s Experience In DUI?

Publications show a dedication to a practice area. Publishing a book or a chapter with a legal publishing company geared toward lawyers takes a tremendous amount of time to write and shows dedication to the area of DUI Defense.

TIP : Research into the lawyer’s website or ask the lawyer if they have published any books or chapters on DUI defense.

Attorney DelSignore has been published several times by Legal publishing companies, including in the following books.

  • Facing an OUI Charge, What you need to Know, Published by WestLaw Aspatore Publishing.
  • Published a Chapter on Cross Examining Police Officers in an OUI case for Witness Preparation and Proceedings, published by Westlaw
  • Published a Chapter on Discovery in a DUI Case in Trends in DUI Discovery.
  • Membership in National College of DUI Defense: Attorney DelSignore is an active member in the National College of DUI Defense, an agency devoted exclusively to defending drunk driving cases.

Attorney DelSignore attends two national seminars per year on drunk driving defense, consults with colleagues throughout the country regarding drunk driving defenses in other States.

To discuss your drunk driving case, call now for a free consultation. You can set up an appointment immediately, have your questions answered and let Attorney DelSignore evaluate your defenses and plan a strategy toward a not guilty verdict on your Massachusetts DUI charge.

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