DUI charge in Massachusetts with out-of-state license

If you are charged with OUI/DUI in Massachusetts and you have a driver’s license from another State, you should hire an experienced Massachusetts DUI attorney as the consequences to your license are likely to follow you to your home state. Though Massachusetts is not a member of the National Drivers License compact, which is an agreement between states to share license information, including out of state convictions of OUI/DUI, Massachusetts does notify other states of OUI and DUI convictions as well as breathalyzer refusals that occur in Massachusetts.

License consequences of OUI in Massachusetts with Out-of-State License

When your home state learns of any license suspension imposed by Massachusetts, your home State is likely to suspend your license for at least the same period as the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles suspended your license and may impose a longer suspension depending on the laws of what the penalty for a similar drunk driving offense is in your State.

In my practice, I commonly represent drivers with a Rhode Island license charged with drunk driving in Massachusetts. Click here to read about the consequences of a first offense OUI in Massachusetts if you have a Rhode Island license. Below I describe some of the difference between the States DUI laws and how it may impact your license status.

One dramatic example of the difference between state laws is where a Rhode Island driver with one prior DUI offense from more than five years ago is charged with an OUI in Massachusetts. While the offense charged would be a first offense in Rhode Island, with a potential minimal license loss of three months, it is a second offense in Massachusetts that would impose a two year loss of license if a conviction were obtained in Massachusetts. When Massachusetts notifies Rhode Island, the motorist will have their Rhode Island license suspended for a period of two years even though the offense would have a much lighter potential penalty if it occurred in Rhode Island.

If you have a Connecticut license, a DUI conviction in Massachusetts may have consequences toward your Connecticut license, depending on the number of prior offenses you have and how the case is resolved. Because these consequences depend on your specific driving record, you need to consult an experienced DUI lawyer.

Accordingly, if you are an out-of-state resident charged with OUI/DUI in Massachusetts, call attorney DelSignore and let him explain to you the potential defense to your case.

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