Hanson OUI Lawyer

When you face an OUI offense in Hanson, Massachusetts, there are typically some common questions:

  • How long is the process going to take?
  • How many times will I have to go to Court
  • Will this case get dismiss if I have never been in trouble before?

When you are arrested for OUI, it does not mean you have been convicted. While being arrested for OUI can happen to anyone, a conviction requires the Commonwealth to satisfy the high standard of proof of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt. While the good news is that it is difficult to the Government to obtain a conviction, and many cases result in not guilty verdicts, the process does take time. Your case will not be dismissed even if you have no record and will require you to take the case to trial to avoid a conviction. That typically takes numerous court dates; some of which are short appearances but it does take time to move the case through the court system.

Criminal cases in Hanson are heard in Plymouth District Court, 52 Obery Street, Plymouth, MA 02360. The court hears cases from throughout the area, including:

  • Plymouth
  • Plympton
  • Duxbury
  • Hanson
  • Halifax
  • Marshfield
  • Pembroke

Those seeking an experienced Hanson OUI defense attorney can count on Michael DelSignore to fight for their rights. Whether you are facing a first offense or have been involved in a drunk driving accident in Plymouth or Hanson, Attorney DelSignore understands the factors involved.

Attorney DelSignore believes everyone charged with drunk driving deserves immediate access to experienced legal representation; that's why we offer free and confidential consultations to discuss your rights.

The Law Offices of Michael DelSignore has also posted videos that answer some FAQs about drunk driving defense in Massachusetts, including:

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